Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mac vs PC

Awhile ago I wrote an entry, Contemplating Switching Teams. At the time, I was terribly frustrated with my 6+ year old PC, that moves at the speed of molasses on a hot summer day in Boston.  The allure of Apple and the feeling that "all my friends were doing it" made me seriously consider switching things up and purchasing a MacBook Pro.  Ultimately, I decided that despite the appeal and the excellent designs, I would stick with a PC. I love Apple's marketing and think that Steve Jobs is a genius, but I can buy two of my Dell laptops for the price of one MacBook Pro - maybe that was what ultimately sealed the deal. 

So for now, I'll be operating firmly within the world of the PC.


Gay Guy said...

Get the Mac, BosGuy. Get the Mac.

Boston said...

You should have gotten the Mac, BosGuy!