Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Did you watch Glee? Do you know what the acronym WWMD stands for?  I do, now that I've seen this week's show.  I'm embarassed by how much I enjoy watching this show and this week really put me over the edge with an entire episode dedicated to Madonna songs.

It is tough to pick my favorite scene from this week's show, but I think it would probably be when Kurt speaks to Sue Sylvester in her office w/ Mercedes after Mr. Schuester schooled Sue about her Florence Henderson-like hair cut in the hallway.

"Mercedes is black and I'm gay.  We make culture."

Favorite Madonna song from tonight's show... well that's just too hard to pick, but hearing "Gambler" over the intercom was certainly the biggest surprise.  I love that song and never hear it.  The song I most would have liked to have heard.... "Get into the Groove".

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Damien said...

Fantastic quote.

Love those two.