Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bonjour Paris

On Thursday, April 29th I will be flying to Paris. The weather forecast at this point looks to be disapointing with temperatures in the low 60s and rain.  I hoped to spend the days walking and visiting the public gardens but if the weather does not cooperate I'll head in doors to see some of the magnificent museums.  Regardless of the weather, I plan to eat plenty of these:
Wine, cheese and conversation will also be enjoyed.  I am hopeful that I'll be able to connect on Friday night with a houseguest who spent this past Christmas with Sergio and me.  I've yet to make reservations for any of the nights we are in Paris. 

If you have a restaurant, cafe, bar or club to recommend, send me your comments  or e-mail me; as always it is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

No recommendations here but I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, rain or shine!

Margie said...

I know some GREAT places but I have to personally take you there. I can't remember the addresses, but if I'm there I will be able to find them.

BosGuy said...

Thanks R.W. for your comment and well wishes.

Margie - why don't you hide in our carry on luggage?

Anonymous said...

how do u do?

BosGuy said...

I'm well WesA. If you'd like to e-mail me you can reach me at

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