Friday, April 23, 2010

The Boston Conservatory

The city of Boston conjures different images for everyone, but eventually education and more specifically colleges and universities come to mind.  I have no idea, but I would guess there is not another city with as many institutions of higher education. Even someone like me who has lived in or near Boston for most of my life can not keep track of all the schools that call Boston home.

Last week I was sipping drinks with friends at Rocca when I was chatted up by two guys sitting next to me (make that yet another example of myth busting Boston's cold reputation).  As it turns out these friendly guys work at The Boston Conservatory.  Now I'm familiar with several of Boston's higher education institutions that are dedicated to The Arts, but this was one I was not.

Both guys rolled their eyes when I admitted this and suggested I check out the school's website which I did today. The school is located in the Fenway and has all sorts of interesting programs the public (THAT's YOU) can attend at little or no cost.  Ever the one to identify Free Stuff to do in town, I thought I'd give The Boston Conservatory a huge shout out. You can check out their event calendar here.

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