Sunday, April 4, 2010

Then there was Matty

Lately life has been all work and no play, but this weekend with a good friend's 40th birthday celebration planned for both Friday and Saturday and family time logged for an Easter brunch, I knew that I was not going to be thinking much of work. 

I ended up going to Club Cafe both Friday and Saturday night with my friend P.G. Friday was sort of a prelude for the next night when we had plans for dinner at Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale before heading into Boston for a full night of cocktaling. Although I have no regrets about the back-to-back evenings out, my body ached on Sunday morning as I drove up to my parent's place in NH.

Somehow I rallied and caught my second wind. As I was driving back to Boston with little brother and girlfriend asleep in the back seat of the car I even entertained thoughts of possibly heading to the gym or flipping open the laptop to get some work done.  However T.P.'s innocent suggestion that we enjoy the remaining sun and warmth was all I needed to ditch said plans and opt to find space on a patio on Tremont Street.  One drink turned into another and an hour+ later we decided to order dinner rather than call it an evening.

While we were sipping our beverages, I noticed a young guy making eye contact with me.  Keeping true to my 2010 New Years resolution to continue to smile at strangers and say "hello", we started to strike up a conversation.  Within minutes, this young, handsome guy says to me, "Are you BosGuy?"  Turns out Matty reads my blog. Who knew I had such a handsome readership? I know family and a few friends read my ramblings, and I correspond with a couple of bloggers regularly, but meeting Matty has inspired me to up my game and try to give my blog more attention.

Thanks Matty for saying hello and best of luck to you on Patriot's Day when you run your first marathon.  You made my day.


Anonymous said...

i read your blog on a regular basis too and i am from new zealand. it has always been a pleasure. forgot to say thanks.


BosGuy said...

Hello Sha - not sure if you'll see this, but thanks for sharing and I appreciate the comment. I was in Australia last autumn, and I hope to make another trip to see NZ some day.

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you yesterday - it made my day as well! I feel like I met a celebrity :) Thanks for the good wishes on the marathon as well - in case you watch the marathon, I'll be the one crawling on all fours to the finish line.
Keep up the good work on the blog - I enjoy reading each entry!