Saturday, January 23, 2010

Contemplating switching teams

I have a slight problem at home.  My Dell PC has been having all sorts of issues, and I've reconciled myself to the fact that I need to upgrade my home computer when I get my tax return.  While I'm not excited about dropping a wad of cash to buy a new computer, I know I'll be very happy once everything is in place. 

With the exception of my time at college, I've always used a Personal Computer (PC).  On a few occasions, I've had to use a Mac and truthfully, I've found them difficult to use - mostly because what comes naturally to me after years of working on a PC does not always translate with Apple computers.

However, I'm now seriously considering switching teams and jumping on the Mac-bandwagon.  Frustrations with computer viruses and several other annoyances have really started to tip the scales.

As a marketing guy, I can appreciate the dogmatic loyalty that Apple users have for the Mac and I have been impressed by the way the company has consistently brought consumer-savvy products to market that seem to be both easy to use and even easier to integrate into their computers.

However, as enamored as I am with Apple's product line, I still have worries about PC applications converting easily since I use my home computer as a back-up to help me do editing and other work during the week. I am also unimpressed by the cost of the Mac.  However, I've decided to remain open minded until I make a visit to the Apple Store on Boylston Street to see what they have to offer (and what it will cost me).

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