Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nana's poetry

My grandmother, "Nana" loved to write poetry, but I never realized this until I opened an e-mail from my mother with the poem below. It is dated February 29, 1988 and was written shortly after our family had visited our grandparents who were at that point spending each winter in sunny Florida.

According to my mother, Nana was always writing poems.  It is amazing to think how much she continues to touch my heart even though she is no longer here. 

Little Drummer Boy where did you go?
The tv is quiet don't you know
You all left so quickly or so it seemed
We loved all you children to break the beam
Of quiet that's here or so it seems

And quiet Robbie who is creating a story
And sweet dear Beth who's doing her own thing
Susan like a record who goes round and round
Helps Tim tap with a rythmical sound.

It really was quiet on the following day
No kids to talk to and show them the way
to keep on loving us we hope and pray
As we love you all every day.


Anonymous said...

Great poem--thanks for sharing. It reminded me of going to my aunt's house during Christmas with all the kids around.

margie said...

that's awsome. It made me cry, It's amazing how much i miss her.

Love me