Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it a pink slip?

For more than a year people have been talking about the constricting economy and mounting job losses.  I have sympathy for people who find themselves suddenly out of work, because this happened to me back in August 2001. It is easy to lose your confidence and grow despondent, but adverstiy does not have to equal failure.  As with all challenges there are opportunities - maybe they are not apparent and require  us to "get creative", but they are out there.

I recently heard about the movie, Lemonade, and thought this was worth sharing.  I've included the movie trailer.  There is also a blog that I believe is written by the director of the film called Please Feed The Animals, which is worth checking out.  Lawson Clarke is the name of the gentleman atop this entry. After he was laid off he started his own copywriting business. He had an interesting quote on the blog mentioned above which I thought I'd share for those who may be looking for work and feeling a bit lost.

“Don’t be the person looking for a job.
Be the person doing something interesting.”

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