Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Changing my diet (just a bit)

I've joined the masses with a renewed commitment to making my health a priority in 2010.  Age is playing a cruel joke on everything from my metabolism to my physique which makes staying in-shape even more of a challenge. I am trying to make sure I go to the gym regularly and modifying my diet slightly by abstaining from eating after 10pm and changing some of the products I buy.  For example, I just purchased Soy Milk (with no sugar), but I have to admit I'm afraid to try it in my Life cereal maybe I'll muster the courage to try it tomorrow morning.

Recently the New York City Health Dept. made news with the commercial I've included below, which encourages people to skip the soda.  I've never liked soda much, but it got me to thinking about things I could easily modify in my diet (i.e. no need for a muffin every morning).  Who knows how long I'll be able to maintain my "no muffin" policy, but if the scary no-sugar, soy milk turns out to be yummy and I can decrease the amount of processed sugars and preservatives I eat - I'm doing my body good, right?  I'm no nutritionist but it seems logical.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob! It´s a very good idea. You are very right! There are all kinds of drinks better than soda. Natural fruit juices and waters w natural flavors w no sugar. In my store we are carrying green tea w passion fruit that is delicious and good for your digestion, and it´s also antioxidant!! that is great for us over 30´s lol It´s from china and i´m sure you can get it in the states.
Kiss Alejandro from Buenos Aires