Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is in the air

Recently there have been hints of spring after an unbelievably snowy January followed by a bitterly cold February. The first weekend of March was the first sustained warming trend. Since then the weather has been best described as two-steps forward, followed by one-step back. March has had its fill of cold, raw days with enough rain to make a Londoner feel right at home. However these days have been interspersed with just enough sun and warmth that buds are now appearing on the trees and the air is filled with the sound of birds chirping.

Walking to get coffee this morning I could smell spring in the air. Perhaps that sounds odd - I'll chalk it up to living in NH for years where the air is cleaner and you can literally smell the change of seasons. Each season has its own distinct smell and its only noticeable to me when one is releasing its grip to give way to the next season. There will be cold days ahead of us (after all this is New England), but a mental switch has now clicked and I'm now firmly in the "Spring state of mind"; no longer wishing for it.

For those spending their first spring in Boston they will notice a distinct change in both the city and its resident's disposition. Surly turns into smiles as people accustomed to bundling up and rushing down a street now start to actually look up, enjoy the sun and open up - much like the flowers that will be poking through the ground in a few short weeks.

The spring holds so much promise here. Its the start of a warming trend and longer days, but its so much more than that. Students (such a key element to the city's personality) are now in their final weeks before finals then graduation ceremonies dominate each weekend in May. In April we welcome back our beloved Red Sox from spring training in Florida and the Boston Marathon takes place. For me its the home opener in Fenway and Boston Marathon run each Patriot's Day that truly signals spring has arrived - and I can't wait.


A Lewis said...

Here's to Spring!!

wcs said...

Yay! We're in full spring mode as well, although our winter is much milder than what you're used to.

Wonder Man said...

When I was in Philly, I noticed the season

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Well said - and I understand your innate ability to sniff the switch - there is a distinct shift in the atmosphere when Spring arrives. And Boston has some of the most beautiful Spring days in the world.

RAD said...

yippee!! I so need some warm sunshine!