Monday, March 7, 2011

Meat flavored water - Yuck!

I've never been a fan of flavored waters. I dislike 'energy drinks' preferring the real thing so when I saw "Meat Water" with flavors like beef stroganoff, cheese burger and peking duck I practically gagged. Apparently these are popular items sold in Walmart's in China. I have one word to describe this, Yuck!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of beef broth? That is just about the same, isn't it?

I get a kick when I go to this international supermarket because there you can find a soup from is called "cock flavoured soup"...the first time I saw it I was almost rolling in the supermarket floor with uncontrollable laughter.


Tracey said...

One word... Grroosssssss!

Wonder Man said...

What the Harper Valley PTA is that?

Fresco said...

Is this for real?

Victor said...

No accounting for taste!