Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday fitness update

By the end of last year, I was a bit discouraged by how difficult it was for me to run even a couple of miles and I felt as if I was hitting a plateau with some of my work outs. However, in February I started feeling like I was making significant headway again. I was not struggling as much with my running and thanks to Stu's patience I started lifting heavier weights and felt myself getting stronger.

Although I can't recall any recent "new highs" with my lifting, I can definitely tell that I'm making progress. Additionally, I am now regularly running and its not nearly the struggle it was just 2-3 months ago. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles in 0:34:35.

Although the weather remains cold in Boston, spring is definitely approaching and I'll be digging out my shorts in no time. Are you working out? If so, let me know. I enjoy chatting with guys on my blog or offline via email about this and I think its a great way to help keep each other motivated.


Wonder Man said...

I love it, I tried HIIT cardio today

indoor bike trainer said...

There is some gym which could help you to your problem. I do running if my friends plan about it. I started to lose some weights since I've done it.