Monday, March 28, 2011

Men of Twitter

I'm a fan of Twitter. I love how quick and easy it is to use and connect with people. Another perk is what I'll refer to as the "Men of Twitter" since there are so many handsome guys using Twitter. Adding to that attraction is the fact that they only talk in 140 characters :-)

As always, suggestions for profiles to feature are welcome and if you'd like to follow me, you can find me at @BosGuy. Below are a few more #MenOfTwitter you may want to follow.
AndyTowle - Okay where does one begin with Andy? Handsome, articulate, the man behind one of my favorite blogs, Towleroad. If #MenOfTwitter was a calendar, I'd seriously contemplate having him for all 12 months.

PacsPad - This Hot-lantan is a self-described 44yo unhairy bear wannabe (who isn't these days - right?) Most of Pac's tweets are conversational in tone or about the places he's visiting as he tweets his location on 4Square. If you like what you read on Twitter you can also check out his blog which he started last year.

KissingKamal - Kamal is both easy on the eyes and easy-going. His tweets are generally brief and range from updates on his day to notifying guys about new posts on his blog, which is about dating in D.C. (among other things). Anyone in Dupont Circle reading this? He's a catch.

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Pac said...

Thanks BosGuy, you made my day. :-) It's an honor to be included between these two hot, handsome gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Very handsome. I think I need to finally get on Twitter.