Sunday, March 6, 2011

Men of Twitter

I'm a fan of Twitter. I love how quick and easy it is to use and connect with people. Another perk is what I'll refer to as the "Men of Twitter" since there are so many handsome guys on Twitter. Adding to that attraction is the fact that they only talk in 140 characters :-)

As always, suggestions for profiles to feature in the future are welcome and if you'd like to follow me on Twitter you can find me at @BosGuy. Below are a few more Men of Twitter.

@BradJ214 - Brad has his tweets locked so if you'd like to follow him, you'll need to send him a request. This 6'2" hunk from Dallas is a man of few words but his t-shirt gives you some insight into his playful side.
@JLuis_M - Tweets are mostly conversations w/ guys he's following. He's quite flirtatious, which makes it hard for me to stop reading and often curious to see what the other person said in the first place.
LoganRay2011 - was born in the Motor City, but grew up out West and now lives in Wyoming or Colorado; not exactly sure. However, I'd consider a road trip to find this guy if I had the time. Dear lord, check out his stomach.

Twitterama Update (Twitterama is my made-up word for tweets resulting in drama.) Turns out that LoganRay2011 is not the handsome guy he claims to be. I'm sure LoganRay2011 is a nice guy but since the point of this series is to feature guys I find handsome who are on Twitter, I felt like I had to cross him off the list. I just couldn't bring myself to delete the fake hunky profile picture.
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Sean said...

Good choices all but why does JLuis have a woman's hand on his arm?

As for Logan, I wonder about the year the pic was taken as belly rings were so 10 years ago, especially for someone in his 20's.

truthspew said...

I have avoided twitter because I don't feel the compulsive need to share every detail of my life in 140 characters.

Blog like a fiend of course, and lately my blog posts are exceeding the 2,000 word mark.

Wonder Man said...

hot guys

Damien Oz said...

mmmm - they got my twit going!

Adam said...

fake or not - they are hot :)

WranglerMan said...

Sorry to disagree, my friend, but I prefer to hold conversations face to face with people. If the guy I'm talking to is hot, so much the sweeter. Tweets are too superficial, and do not convey the cadence or inflection of conversation.

I post on the Internet on my own blog and on others. But if I want to meet a guy whom I'd like to date, I'll go out. And I certainly won't send out bits and pieces essentially to no one that are little more than shallow!

BosGuy said...

Aww.. WranglerMan not all conversations are deep, and tweeting can be both flitatious and funny.

I don't think any form of electronic conversation (blogging / texting / tweeting) will ever replace face-to-face; just augment it.

Greg said...

Good to see someone who knows how to use Twitter to its fullest potential.

Sam said...

That last guy is how you carry off a man bag.