Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreaming of summer

The Boatslip is a popular alternative to the beach in Ptown

Despite the recent rash of cold weather in Boston, I firmly maintain it is spring and warmer weather is (eventually) coming. Temperatures in New England regularly climb into the 80s and 90s so I stay firmly planted the months of June, July and August; only going as far as Provincetown, MA and Ogunquit, ME if I can help it.

I've not booked anything for the summer season, but I do hope to get down to Provincetown for 4th of July and Carnival Weeks. I also hope to impose upon friends who have a beautiful home in Ogunquit, ME. All told, I have high hopes for a summer as fun and beautiful as last year.

Tea Dance Carnival Week
I still have to get through spring, which may be the most frustrating of all four seasons. Spring in New England is filled with tempting days of sun and warmth inevitably followed by cold and rain. I suppose I'll have to settle for "summer dreaming" to get me through the next few weeks.

Should travel plans bring you to the Boston area this summer, let me know and if possible we can meet for a cocktail or coffee - whatever your poison.


A Lewis said...

Wild! You'll never believe that I was just now, this very second, on the FB page for Bear Week Provincetown and the Boston Fast Ferry. And now I see your post! I'm headed to Bear Week again (as if I'm anywhere near Bear level.....). This will be my 3rd year.

Dor said...

Tea Dance Carnival looks very crowded!

mistress maddie said...

Such fond memories of the Boatslip.....nothing like a tea dance there! Men and pecs for days and other actities to put a smile on your face;) And you can't forget about Miss Richfield.

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

That 2nd photo looks like it was taken from the room we had when we visited last... Such a great view (of the harbor too) hehehe...

Sweet Summer Dreams my friend!