Monday, March 7, 2011

Libya: will Obama lead, follow or remain silent?

Will the United States lead, follow or remain silent? I realize there are consequences no matter what we do, but reading the paper each day, watching the news each night and listening to interviews with Libyans calling into news programs sharing what is happening first hand is heartbreaking. Governments in Europe have recognized the uprising which started in Benghazi and now has a coalition governing body. Why haven't we?

There is a fine line between intervention and instigation, but the fate of many Libyans has been cast, and I want to see the US more engaged. I have no desire to bring our military into another war, but I believe there are alternatives we can pursue. I do have faith that Obama is surrounded by an intelligent team, but I crave action that will help support these people.

I think this cartoon from Sean @JustaJeepGuy blog sums up my concerns perfectly.

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Corve DaCosta said...

When will Obama have some balls on anything?