Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sen. Lieberman announces retirement

In recent years, there have been few US Senators who have disappointed me more than Sen. Lieberman so his announcement not seek re-election in 2012 should make me happy, right? Its not quite that easy...

My feelings towards Lieberman are a bit more complicated. You see, my frustration with Joe stems from my belief that ideologically, the two of us agree on a significant majority of issues. For example, his leadership and championing of DADT was crucial to its passage (for the record, its that kind of leadership I feel is lacking in my US Senator, Scott Brown). On the other hand, Lieberman's steadfast support of John McCain even as he chose Sarah "I'm not a whack job" Palin still makes me froth at the mouth. There are other differences as well, but there is no point in creating a list of grievances from past votes. I suppose I should be pleased that who ever replaces him will most likely have a (D) next to their name since CT - much like the rest of the Northeast continues to isolate itself as it continues to elect mostly progressive delegations despite the rest of the the US trend to elect more conservative candidates.

So its with mixed emotion that I say goodbye to this conservative Democrat who has served in the US Senate since 1989. What are your thoughts about Lieberman's announcement today?

Since I'm on a political bent - I'd also like to acknowledge the passing of a pretty amazing man - R. Sargent Shriver (husband to Eunice Kennedy Shriver). Among his many contributions was the Peace Corps which he founded and managing President Johnson's "War on Poverty".

Can you think of a more admireable legacy than the values and achievements the Peace Corps or committing yourself to trying to erase poverty in the US? If we had more men like Shriver in this world can you imagine what a wonderful place this would be?

Unfamiliar with this amazing man? Read up about R. Sargent Shriver