Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday fitness update

I started the week working out like a gay single 20-something, hitting the gym consecutive days; Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but a bit of travel ended my streak, and I've not returned to the gym since coming home from NYC.

Saturday – January 22nd Still sore from my work out on Friday I went to the gym groaning, but it was time well spent - my trainer, Stu, focused on shoulders, triceps with a bit of abdominal work at my request.

Sunday – January 23rd I went to the gym for a run - after two days in a row of lifting weights I needed a break, and I was pleasantly surprised to have another fairly easy run. I had not run since last Sunday, but I beat my previous time by 90-seconds, running 3.5 miles in 0:32:06 averaging 6.6mph

Monday – January 24th Stu had me focus on arms. I don’t think I’d ever done an entire work out on arms. Despite it killing, I’d like to do this again. It worked out perfectly since we met during my lunch hour and the gym was empty. Nobody could see me struggling mightily to curl the tiny weights.

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Gay Guy said...

You've really made a lot of progress with your running time. Even in just a week.

Inspire me!!