Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday fitness update

I'm starting to sound like a broken record after last week's entry where I commented on how tough its been to get into the swing of things post-holiday, but there was no helping it this week.

Work had me so busy I actually had to cancel a gym session with my trainer, but it could not be avoided so there was no gym on Wednesday. Between the snowstorm and work I managed to only get to the gym twice, but realistically only one of those visits was a viable work out. My abbreviated run on Sunday was depressing to be perfectly blunt. My running mojo from a couple of weeks ago has apparently run off without me. Since there's not much to say about my run, I'll focus on today's work out with Stu at the gym. I had a good 1 hour session - we focused on shoulders and triceps. Because I worked out during lunch, we had our pick of the gym and there was no waiting nor modifying the work out to compensate for the post-holiday gym crowd. There were no new milestones nor was it a killer work out that will leave me achey tomorrow, but it was a solid session that definitely challenged me and was much needed after a week not getting to the gym.


A Lewis said...

The "Swing of Things" is a very difficult place to get....and even more difficult a place to stay. Good for you. On that note, I'm on my way to yoga.

Demotheus said...

I agree with A Lewis. Good for you. Props for going on your lunch. I wish I was able to do that and still have time to shower and be back at work. I hate public showers though. Blegh.

Kyle said...

Working out is difficult to get motivated for and getting into the right mindset is hard BosGuy. If I didn't have our gym equipment at home I'd never get to the gym. Just keep trying to do the best you can.

Anonymous said...

The model in one of the photos you selected for this post appears to be using a product called Perfect Pushup. I am curious as to whether you have any experience using this device and also your opinion of it.

I thought it was another infomercial gimmick until recently. Some ultra-fit collegians I know at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh tell me that it really saves wear and tear on the joints.

I'm no longer a collegian, and I have never been ultra-fit. I need all the help I can get.

Your opinion will be valued.

BosGuy said...

Hello Anonymous,
I have not used the push up product, but looking at it - I'm not quite certain that it would help with ones joints.