Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday fitness update

Its been a tough week to get back into the swing, but I managed to get to the gym a couple times. Did you workout or (for those in colder climates) have you opted to hibernate and sit out this winter?

Friday – January 7th Today was all about back and chest. I was still a bit sore from Wednesday’s gym routine so I could still feel my secondary muscles struggling but it was all good. I was able to fly 55lbs today – 10lbs more than my previous high last Friday. Wednesday – January 5th I braved the gym while scores of new faces clogged the gym and lockers but fortunately, my workout with Stu was not impacted by the crowds. Today we focused on arms and shoulders. It was a great work out that left me struggling to raise my arms when I was done. I think I’d like to do more of these work outs.Sunday – January 2nd Maybe I took too much time off from running because today was ugly and I ended my run prematurely after gasping through 2 miles in a little more than 19minutes. Upon further reflection I probably should have gone and done some abdominals, but I just wanted out.


Evan said...

I am working out too and needed some inspiration... Check this out for inspiration..

I would love to have Adam Levine's bod...

M@rvin said...

Benching 215, and 55 on fly exercises sounds great to me! It only looks like the running has to be worked on - I prefer and even perform better running outside, but I suppose that's out in Boston in this season.