Sunday, January 16, 2011

Restaurant Review: Union Bar and Grille

Union Bar and Grille (a.k.a. Union) is part of the Aquitaine Group, a local restaurant group that also owns and operates, Gaslight, Metropolis Cafe and three establishments that take the name of the management group. Previous restaurant reviews have focused on dinner, but an excellent (and affordable) alternative is brunch and Union does this better than most. On Saturday (from 10am - 3pm) and Sunday (from 10am - 11am) they offer a special that includes coffee cake, an entree from a select menu as well as coffee and juice for $9.95. You can check out the early riser menu here. I love the sytlish decor of this restaurant. The photo of the dining room is from Union's website - for more images, check out their website here. Both the bar and the booths in the dining room are very comfortable and make it difficult to leave (esp. on cold winter days). Another plus with Union is their consistently excellent service.

The brunch menu includes traditional items such as eggs benedict, french toast and a variety of omelets as well as sandwiches with their deliciously crispy fries. Below I've snapped a few photos from our brunch.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Huevos Rancheros
If credit card bills from Christmas are now coming due and you need an affordable option to treat yourself - check out Union's brunch. The food, service and atmosphere won't disappoint and is one of the best deals in Boston.

Union Bar and Grille is located at 1357 Washington Street Boston, MA (617) 423 0555
Reservations (even for brunch) strongly recommended.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like its worth the drive into Boston to check it out. Is parking difficult?

Tracey said...

Fun brunch today sweetie. Especially the highbrow "brunch talk" :)

SteveA said...

Thanks for the review. The setting looks posh! I have to visit there when next I'm in Boston!

Jeffrey Gates said...

Thank you for dining with us and for your wonderful post. I look forward to sharing your comments with our staff and linking your blog on our website.
Jeffrey Gates
Union Bar and Grille
Aquitaine Group

wcs said...

That grilled chicken sandwich looks great. I'd eat one for breakfast! (it's 8:00 am as I read this)

izzy said...

thanx for the great write up. company wide we always strive for excellence in our food, service, and value. look forward to having you visit again.