Saturday, January 1, 2011

Restaurant Review: Lucca

Lucca is an Italian restaurant in the North End that opened a second location last year in the Back Bay (where I ate). Dinner for two (appetizers, main dishes and a shared dessert - not including drinks or tip) is ~ $85.00. However, a number of pasta plates on the bar menu, which is slightly different from the main dining room can be ordered as half-portions which further reduces the average bill.

Sitting at the bar (as I did) provides a different dining experience than in the main dining room. However, the bartender’s suggestions (e.g. ordering a ½ portion of pasta and validating the starter I wanted) were spot on so I have to give credit for her knowledge and suggestions. Moreover, my food arrived promptly (along with a delicious bread basket w/ hummus and olive oil), and throughout my meal I was never rushed or jostled. These things may sound inconsequential but they impact my dining experience and matter to me.Both the bar and the main dining room are beautiful and provide an impressive backdrop to the main event (the food), which is excellent. The burrata cheese in my first plate melted in my mouth and was so delicious I could have this every night and not get bored for at least a year. Because Bolognese sauces tend to be quite heavy, I opted for the ½ portion which proved to be the perfect amount for me – esp. since I was busy inhaling the entire bread basket. The sauce was well seasoned and complimented the pasta which was served (as I like) al dente. This was my first time dining here, but it will not be my last. Hungry for Italian and want to try some place in the BackBay – try out Lucca.

First plate: Bibb lettuce, w/ burrata cheese, candied pine nuts, truffle vinaigrette, and shallots $13

Second plate: Rigatoni w/ Bolognese sauce (½ order) $10
Lucca in the Back Bay 116 Huntington Ave Boston, MA (617) 247 2400
Reservations strongly recommended
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raulito said...

You are so lucky you get to go out to eat often.
I have to cook 7 days a week for 7 people...but at least it is more economical...can you imagine bringing home take out or taking everyone out to eat what it would cost?
the restaurants you describe sound wonderful. Most people think that because I know how to cook that I don't appreciate simpler, less sophisticated cuisine...but I do, just the fact I don't have to do it makes it taste ten times better than my own.

happy new year to you.


Anonymous said...

Looks good - thanks for the tip. I'm always looking for new places to try.

Alan Ilagan said...

Every time I'm in town I pass this place and wonder whether I should try it. Thanks for giving me the go-ahead - it's right around the corner from my place too - a bonus for winter walking.

Inde Tourisme said...

Good place to to taste some delicious dishes.

Frank Melocco said...

Wow...I love everything in this post. A perfect choice for a special occasion!..and This sounds like a fun place. it's a real restaurant review! thanks