Thursday, November 11, 2010


So I am having one of those weeks where I looked up thinking it was still Tuesday, was praying that it was Friday and was stunned to see it was Thursday.

Holy crap time is flying. I know much of this is driven by work, as we squeeze as much as we can into the few weeks that remain before the holiday season is in full swing.

But I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is in two weeks. I felt like I was just blogging about coming back from Carnival Week in Provincetown, and now its dark by 5pm and I have the heat on at night.

Anyone else feeling this way?


Anonymous said...

indeed; the dark so early is not my cup of tea. time is spiraling away. they have christmas decorations up already in the streets...ugh. deep breath time, and stop the world...take care and relax as best you are able.

Wonder Man said...

this week is flying by

Peter said...

Time certainly flies.

We just celebrated Saint Martin [11/11] and on 11/13 Saint Nicolaus arrives by steamer with his 6 to 8 Black Men [referring to David Sedaris*], and before you know it St Nic is gone [12/06] and we're on our way to Christmas and the New Year. And I have to hang that new calender my sister bought in Rome on the wall, a sexy young priest a month calender.


Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

I totally was just feeling this way - it seems October went by so fast it didn't even happen. And who knows how we managed to slip into the double digits of November already. Insane.

Bob said...

:::holding a hand up:::::

Yesterday was summer, and now Christmas decorations are up!