Sunday, November 14, 2010

Must Watch: Graeme Taylor

Earlier this month Howell High School economics teacher Jay McDowell was reprimanded for addressing a student for making gay slurs in class. The school suspended McDowell without pay for 14 days for his actions and was mandated to take training on First Ammendment rights.

The video below is from Graeme Taylor. Watch how he calmly invokes the words of Dr. Martin Luther King as asks the Howell school board to reconsider their disciplinary actions.
If the gay movement can come to expect more young men and women like Graeme in the next generation to step forward than the future for GLBT Americans is definitely a bright one.

You can read the full story about the incident here.

Thank you to the blog, Maybe its just me for sharing and bringing this to my attention.
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Wonder Man said...

he is an inspiration