Friday, November 26, 2010

Hitting the gym

After spending the past two days with family, over-indulging with all the fantastic food, I made good on my promise from my post earlier this week, Back to the gym and made sure I went to the gym for what I anticipated would be a nice run on the treadmill.

Imagine my surprise / disapointment when it took me 34 minutes to run a measley 3 miles. The more frustrating news was according to the machine my pulse was racing at 174. Oh, the horror! the horror! Sorry to make a literary reference, but my struggles with this run was a sad confirmation of my epiphany from earlier in the week.

Alan Ilagan, Gay Guy and WranglerMan all had nice words of sympathy in my previous post and mentioned helping encourage each other to stay true to these personal goals. I'm game if you are - shoot me an email so we can correspond directly.

Friday, Nov. 26th stats:
3 mi. in 34 mins
174 pulse rate
Avg speed 5.2
OMG - I better be able to do better

BTW - none of these guys are me. they are merely the "eye candy" I require to remain motivated. Its really that simple with me.


SteveA said...

The eye candy is good. But sometimes distracting at the gym - keep focus!

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

My stats for Friday, Nov. 26:
3 miles in 14 minutes (driving)
Pulse rate - barely conscious (just woke up)
Average speed - couldn't read speedometer because someone else was driving
OMG - I'm winded just reading your stats.

Wonder Man said...

I was in there today for 2 hours

wcs said...

The eye candy is good. Very motivating. I'm going to exercise (ahem) right now...

Loki's Log said...


You are a runner and you know that ups and downs are common for us --
particularly long distance, endurance studs. So hang tough buddy. You
just completed a very long training program and exceptional marathon.
Mentally you need a rest as well. In my experience, I almost have to
relearn theoce of running because for the last few months we've been
so concerned with times and distances. Put your towel over the
treadmill log, get that iPod torked and fuck the details for a few

I am 47, 6'5", 225 lbs, bu no means a runner. But I've finished my
fourth marathon and I keep pushing. I ran the Twin Cities and Marine
Corps Marathons in October and am registered for Austin and will
register for San Francisco so I need to get this Clydesdale ass moving
as well. Count me in for your support group man.  You look great and
you'll look awesome soon enough.

Hudson Runner

Gay Guy said...

You got to the gym, and that's the most important part. The rest will come along in time. Urge me along for a run later today, okay.

I need it.

Todd X. said...

My stats:

Sitting at computer for 1 hour+.
Eating chips.
Drinking wine.
Thanking the Buddha for my high metabolism.

I need a trainer.

Anonymous said...

The gym? What's that? After moving from Atlanta to NYC I discovered that I lost 8 pounds. It must have been from lack of eating and a hoisting and moving/unpacking all those boxes. But I seriously need to get back to the gym - especially since there is one free of charge (well, included in the rent) in our building.

I really have no excuse. I'm not working right now, so I have all the time in the world. But 3 miles in 34 min isn't so bad. But that 174 is on the verge...but it will get better.

Good on you. You're goal will help me get back on the treadmill.

Rick said...

Which reminds me...back to the gym!

ovr50guy said...

Yeah, I over did too...infact I had two Thanksgiving dinners at two separate events! Oh well, its the holidays. No worries, I was back at the gym a couple of days later and on my 4 days/wk schedule working on my 6 pak for 2011.

Daddybear5000 said...

Which reminds me, I have to hit the gym again.