Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner at Geoffrey's w/ Mike and Peter

An unexpected benefit of writing this blog is that I've connected with a few people whom I'm not sure I would have ever had the opportunity to meet otherwise. (Take note if you read my blog - don't be shy, reach out and say hello.) It never occurred to me that I might meet people through my blog, but I'm pleased to say that tonight my partner and I had the chance to meet Mike and Peter. Mike also blogs - you can link to his blog, Mike's short attention span theater.

It was such a nice evening meeting and having dinner at Geoffrey's (a local restaurant in the n'hood). Mike and Peter are a handsome couple who have been together for the past 13 years. They were so easy to talk to I completely lost track of time and we may have kept them up past their normal bed times (I think). Over dinner we established we are night owls and Mike and Peter are early birds. Oops... my bad.


wcs said...

Cool. I've just recently found both you and Mike and am enjoying "getting to know you" both through your blogs. I've meet many people through the blogosphere, too, and that's fun.

Enjoying the Australia posts!

Wonder Man said...

I love meeting folks that reads my blog

Mike said...

It was a pleasure to meet up with you guys -- and dinner at Geoffrey's, for you folks in the Boston area -- is a great place for a delicious, reasonably-priced meal. Try the steak tips and mashed potatoes -- my personal favorite.

RE: night owls vs. early birds. You'll be proud to know that when we got home, I actually stayed up until 11:15 pm. It WAS a Saturday night, after all!

AJohnP said...

I'm so excited that Geoffrey's is back in the area!!! I used to go all the time 'back in the day'. My sister and her husband used to come see me in shows at SpeakEasy and they'd always go to Geoffrey's. I think they enjoyed the restaurant more than the shows.
She was devastated when they moved. :-)

Will said...

I've met so many extraordinary guys through blogging. When Fritz and I travel, we always get together with bloggers if they're in a city through which we pass. We now have some really great friends that we've met that way.