Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with family at my parent's lake house in New Hampshire. Normally I reserve this holiday week to plan an international trip and as such have not been home for Thanksgiving in more than six years. It is nice being home and I'd like to express my wishes of thanks to all who happen upon my blog regardless of where you live and if you celebrate this most American of holidays.


A Lewis said...

I wish you a great day and holiday!

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your blog is always a pleasure.

R.J. said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

raulito said...

And a happy Thanksgiving to you too...I'm sure your mom's turkey will be outstanding.
I get two days off per year...the only days I don't cook are Thanksgiving and Christmas...lucky me, I am off today.