Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Construction workers

My street is currently a construction zone as teams tear up our street for some unknown reason. When the signs went up last week, I had images similar to this guy here and young, fit 20-something cops hanging around to help with traffic, but alas the fantasy of what might be has been replaced with the cold reality that:

1) Its far too chilly for construction workers in Boston to be outside without a shirt.

2) I'm not so certain I'd like to see this crew without a shirt.

3) I should know better by now that the young 20-something cops in Boston are reserved for far rougher work than standing by chatting with the construction crew and sipping a Dunkin Donuts coffee all day.

C'est la vie.


Peter said...

One can dream!

madtexter (corey james) said...

If just one construction worker would whistle at me...well, let's just say...and we'll leave it at that.

Wonder Man said...

yes, one can dream

robertga99 said...

When I think of construction workers I always think of that diet coke ad with Lucky Vanous

Gay Guy said...

Yeah, the construction worker, Diet Coke guy, fantasy seldom works out in real time.

Closest I ever came is when a hotel maintainance guy arrived in my room to bring me a DVD player while I was in the shower --clear glass shower door. A fleeting thought that it might be a scene from a porn flick, but nothing happened.

wcs said...

One does dream!

WranglerMan said...

Lucky Vanous! Ah...the memories! I remember seeing him, when he was earning a bachelor's degree and I a graduate degree in the early nineties. Incredibly down to earth guy!

As for the cops directing traffic at construction sites, oftentimes around where I live, they are young guys still in the Academy, and they're pretty cute. The guy or gal behind me in traffic often must tap on the horn to wake me from my fantasy!!!