Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome back college students

September 1st is move-in day for Boston. With 60+ universities in and around Boston, most apartments have leases that start 1-Sept to accommodate the student population. Walking through the city this evening, evidence of people readying to move was apparent.

Starting 31-Aug, there will not be a spare rental truck available in all of eastern MA. The city streets will be filled with used furniture and other discarded belongings and moving vans/trucks will be double parked along bustling streets making it impossible to get around.

Although the summer officially does not end until the third week of September, the influx of students moving into their apartments will revive Boston and signals that autumn has arrived.


A Lewis said...

Umm. College educated good looking boys at Boston colleges. Umm.

SteveA said...

That's an interesting insight! I guess living in Boston so long has made you notice the trends over time!

Cubby said...

I never considered this kind of effect the universities had on the town. Are the drunken kids equally disruptive?

BosGuy said...

Yes, all the major streets running through backbay, beacon hill, fenway, allston / brighton and sections of Cambridge, Brookline and Newton are a mess today. I was once told that 1:4 residents in Boston is either a full or part-time student. It definitely adds a lot of character to the city and I would not want to see the student population go away.

Dean Grey said...

Sounds rather lively yet I'm sure it can get obnoxious at times too!

Downtown Chicago, along with the surrounding neighborhoods, are getting filled with college students as well.

As long as they get out of my way I don't mind! LOL


VpO said...

So glad I take the T to work and won't have to deal with the traffic chaos tomorrow!

Gay Guy said...

Oh, BosGuy, be gentle on those 18 year old boys as you real them in. They are still tender.

I, too, live in a college town. Remind me to go out of town next move-in weekend.