Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm not very discplined

For 18 months I've been working out with a personal trainer to help keep me focused and disciplined about going to the gym but last month I used up all my training sessions. With the exception of when I had contracted meningitis last spring and when I went to Australia for 3-weeks last November and December, I've been pretty faithful about going to the gym to meet my trainer.

My partner is currently unemployed so I seriously debated not purchasing anymore sessions for the remainder of the summer, but I'm so glad I re-signed. Three weeks ago, my trainer, Stu, took his first vacation since I've met him. He was great to give me work-outs I could do while he was away, but tonight I realized that I've only been to the gym twice in nearly 21-days (and not once did I do one of his suggested workouts). To compound matters, while I was in Provincetown I ate and drank like it was Thanksgiving everyday. I'm not saying that I was in as tough shape as this guy... but I would love to have this guy's shape if you know what I mean. Unfortunately my non-existent diet and inactivity doesn't seem to be working.

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