Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why is my blog broken?

Despite the fact that I'm not necessarily new to blogging, I still struggle to effectively leverage all the bells / whistles that blogger provides.  It is no less infuriating knowing that this is about as easy a GUI as exists and  technical neophytes (c'est moi) are "supposedly" able to use these tools without issue.

My biggest frustration right now is that I've noticed the blogs which do post my entries in their "Blog List" seem to all have this entry (see poor John Rogers' ugly mug to the left).  I'm flattered and appreciate that people do this, but sadly that post is quite old, dating back to January of this year.  It's painful to admit ones limitations and post them front and center but after several failed attempts to fix this problem I feel like I'm left with one of two choices: 1) Rip my computer from the wall while incoherently screaming profanities and throw it out my window 2) Ask for help.  Ignoring how cathartic option one might be and focussing on potential harm that would come to innocent pedestrians some 4 stories below my apartment, I've opted for the second choice.  Any techies out there willing to be my blogger-sherpa? I would just like to caution that I need you to use small words and make no assumptions. My technical knowledge is about as deep as the kiddie-pool.  If not, I might have to reconsider option one. Note to little sister and brother -- I'm serious when I tell you that you need to re-double your efforts to meet and fall madly in love with someone who works in I.T.

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