Monday, September 7, 2009

Hitting the gym

I have not commented on on my gym routine since mid-July when I wrote about how I finally felt back in form after recovering from a bout of meningitis.  Rather than revisit that uncomfortable time, you can read more about my most recent episode of contracting meningitis (yes, I said "most recent") and my sincere appreciation for percoset in my entry, Thank goodness for percoset.

I've relied heavily on my training sessions with Stu at the BSC-South End to keep me focussed. Much to my dismay (if I'm really being honest here) I've only gone to the gym when I've had an appointment with Stu.  It is for that reason I re-signed for 20 more sessions with Stu just a week ago.  I realized that without him there to push me I would likely fall into my routine of sorry-ass excuses for not going to the gym. 

Tonight I had my second session from the 20-pack and he really pushed me hard.  Today was all about the back and abdominals.  I can't begin to tell you how envious I am of those who have abdominal definition.  I started working out with Stu so I could gain better tummy definition and to essentially bulk up to avoid potential injury in my back. So despite the fact that he kicked my you know what today - I eagerly crunched, lifted and gasped my way through the entire workout.  

I suppose my gym routines are meant to both mitigate all the french fries which I seem to willingly say yes to at restaurants when the waiter asks, "fries or salad?"  As well as an attempt to show how much I truly do value my health.  I make so many decisions each day, which in hindsight probably are not in the best interest of my personal health so these sessions with Stu are really meant to help me make up for some of my transgressions (like my love for ice cream).

I do hope to get better about going to the gym and made a very serious promise to myself as I gasped my way through today's workout that I would definitely, certainly, absolutely, positively get myself to the gym for a killer workout at least one more time this week. Please send me your positive thoughts and wish me luck, because I know what my calendar looks like this week and how weak I am when it comes to self-discipline.

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Anonymous said...

What are you doing sitting here reading my post--shouldn't you be working out??

Seriously, good luck but don't go all obsessive. I gave up on the abs years ago and now just try to stay as trim as I can with moderate exercise and generally eating well.

However, I did have more fries than usual this weekend....