Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cameron Diaz filming in South End

I feel like a complete idiot! Just yesterday I was commenting to friends about a woman who's trailer for, Wichita, is directly across from my apartment.  I thought she looked familiar but could not quite place her.  After reading LoadedGun Boston, I realized that woman in the yellow dress is Cameron Diaz. 

Cameron seems to be quite chatty - people are constantly visiting her trailer and she is in and out many times through out the day.  I'm really digging the distraction and want to thank my partner in crime (a.k.a. Sergio) for snapping this video (see below) from his Sony camera earlier this morning.  The 30-second clip shows Tom Cruise grabbing Cameron and shoving her into a car.

According to Loaded Gun Boston, "production is hashing out an elaborate crash scene where a commercial 727 airliner skids into a Cumberland Farms cornfield near Curve Street in Bridgewater. Scheduled to shoot Thursday, Sept. 24 and Friday, Sept. 25, the scene depicts the aftermath of a plane crash in a fictional Indiana locale." 

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