Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pam Ann Live in Boston, 10/10/09

Last night I purchased tickets to see Pam Ann who opens her new world tour here in Boston at the Colonial Theatre on Saturday, October 10th.  For those unfamiliar, Pam Ann is the alter ego of Australian comedian Caroline Reid who's fictional character is a pun on the now defunct Pan Am Airlines. Her website claims Pam Ann to be "the funniest and busiest air hostess."   If you like what you see below and think you would enjoy seeing Pam Ann on her 'lay over' in Boston, you can purchase tickets by going to her tour website, Pam Ann Live.

The video clip for "Pam Ann - Global Alliance" showcases many of her fictional characters which all play off of humurous stereotypes.  Many of these characters are woven into her one-woman show. I've listed each character below the video in their order of appearance.

Pam Ann Global Alliance

Pam Ann
Unnamed Indian Woman - Air India
Valerie - American Airlines
Mona - British Airways (shown repeatedly)
Heidi - Scandinavian Airlines System
Lilly - Singapore Airlines
Vespa - Alitalia (shown repeatedly)
Donna - EasyJet
Unnamed Arabic Woman - Emirates Airline
Chantal Jemeladonne - Air France
Marcia - Unspecified African airline
Conchita Rosa María González Gómez - Iberia Airlines (shown repeatedly)
Helga - Lufthansa
Gloria - Qantas
Vanity - Virgin Atlantic Airways

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