Thursday, September 24, 2009

New hope: Vaccine might prevent HIV

When I think of the millions who died from HIV / AIDS in the 1980s because homosexuality and sex in general were considered taboo and discussing 'safe sex' and distributing condoms was deemed controversial - my blood absolutely boils. So many people have died, so many families have suffered, and so many children have been orphaned because of a fear to talk about AIDS. I really can not think of another illness or disease that has so isolated people. Sadly the stigma remains and AIDS still kills. An astounding 7,500 people contract AIDS every day (that's more than 2.65 million annually).

However, a study in Thailand might be able to shed some light on finding a cure for AIDS. This study (published today) was found to cut the risk of infection by 31 percent.  In 9-weeks it will be December 1st, World AIDS Day.  How wonderful would it be to really  believe that a vaccine to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS is in sight?

You can read the report by linking to MSNBC here.
Additionally, you can support a local AIDS Service Organization (ASO) by volunteering or donating.  I've included the link to my favorite, ASO, The AIDS Action Committee of MA.

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