Sunday, September 20, 2009

Open Studios this weekend in the South End

This weekend was Open Studios. This event happens twice a year (once in May and September) and draws more than 250 local artists (many of whom live here in the South End).  Thanks in part to the gorgeous weather, it appears as if the artists may have profited handsomely.  The streets in the South End and specifically SoWa had heavy foot traffic all day long on Saturday and Sunday, and I saw many people carring objects d'art with them as they were leaving the neighborhood.

Many of the artists who show during the Open Studios live in the South End and welcome you into their studios (which sometimes double as their homes).  While I have a few personal favorites, I'm always impressed by the number of participating artists who make their living from their craft and the variety of mediums artists use to express their creativity. 

If you did not get a chance to come into town to walk the streets, talk to the artists and enjoy the beautiful weather, I'm sorry for you because it really was a wonderful way to spend time. I wish I'd thought to write about this event earlier in the week and had the forethought to bring my camera when I walked around the neighborhood earlier today. 

View of SoWa Open Market and Antique Market during Open Studios

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