Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tom Cruise back in South End

It is a very, very rainy Saturday here in Boston and I'm preparing to leave to spend the night up at the family lake house. However, this morning when I looked out my bedroom window, the parking lot across the street was again awash with movie trailers for the filming of Wichita - the Tom Cruise / Cameron Diaz film. Earlier this month I wrote about this in my entries, Tom Cruise filming Wichita in Boston, and Cameron Diaz filming in the South End.

No time to snap any pictures this morning (plus the weather is crap so there is not much to see) so I've included a grainy pic or two below from when they were filming across the street in September.


constant gina said...

You know Tom has her listening to Scientology on that headset!!

BosGuy said...

Thanks gina - I'm sure he does.

rakeback said...

As strange as Tom is in in his personal life, he is an extremely talented actor and Im looking forward to watching his next project. He made the some best films of the 1980's and is still going strong.