Thursday, October 15, 2009

Street art

Today's Boston Globe has an article entitled, "Painting outside the box". The article is about a city program that commissions street art. According to the article, two dozen local artists have been brought in by the Boston Arts Commission as part of its PaintBox program, which is being modeled after similar efforts in Cambridge and Somerville. The program started slowly last year with only 13 boxes painted, but it has quickly expanded to more than 40.  I'm a huge fan of public art and hope it continues. 

A utility box has been decorated in my neighborhood on the corner of Dartmouth and Tremont Street. Click on the picture to make it larger and find out more about the artist by visiting their website.

The South End - a long-time enclave for many local artists - has recently seen more public art and sometimes residents get up in arms about such public displays.  With very few exceptions, I am generally very excited and like to see such creative expressions.  Earlier this year when the Shepard Fairey exhibit opened at the I.C.A., there was a lot of anger directed at Fairey because of some of his public works which the city labelled as 'vandalism'.  I believe that he actually had to appear in court and was formally charged for some of his work, which I think was a shame because I love seeing his murals.  There remain at least 3 or 4 murals in my neighborhood and I would love to see more.  The image below is in the South End on Shawmut Street.

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