Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haiku time

Recently I posted one of my favorite poems from Frost entitled "Nothing gold can stay" and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment from Todd X who lives in San Francisco.  I follow Todd's blog Iced Tea & Sarcasm but I did not realize he maintained an additional blog called Just 17 Syllables.

Todd's insightful comments about "Nothing gold can stay" leads me to believe that he is quite an enthusiast for this particular form of expression too.  His second blog is a nod to a form of poetry originally from Japan, called a haiku.  This form of poetry is distinguished by the fact that it consists of 17 syllables written in three lines: 5 syllables; 7 syllables; 5 syllables. 

Back in August I first mentioned what a haiku is in my entry, Bathroom poet, because I noticed a particularly humorous (if not often recited) haiku above a urinal at the Beehive (a local restaurant and lounge). Todd X has some slightly more creative expressions check them out if you too enjoy a good haiku.  The poems range from political statements like, "Proposition 8" & "Hillary" to the more humorous, "Spam squared" and he even has a few about San Francisco like, "Foggy morning". However, I think my personal favorite is the untitled haiku, which I've included below.

My ambivalence
trumps your suffering because
I care less than you.
Source /Author: Just 17 Syllables / Todd X

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Todd X. said...

I'm just now reading this. Thanks so much for the nice words. I really should write more.