Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interactive: Gay marriage chronology

I stumbled across this while reading WGB. Originally posted in the LA Times it is part of a larger article that outlines what formal protections and bans regarding same-sex marriage are in place in each state.  No surprise with this graphic with the exception of the tiny oasis of green in the middle of the country.  How IA became one of the first 5 states in the country to legalize gay marriage still has me scratching my head. The deep green hues in the northeast are hardly surprising nor is the deep red that dominates the south and much of the midwest.  The only real surprise is that the west coast is not more green.  It seems the west coast is following rather than setting this progressive trend.  I'm sure that over time, these red states will turn a softer shade of green and states like CA, OR, and WA will become a deep green that resembles what you see in virtually all of New England.  If you would like to check out the full article link to the Los Angeles Times.

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