Monday, February 25, 2008

Fighting GetMeTheHellOutOfHere Syndrome has been tempting all of us who suffer from getmethehelloutofhere syndrome with beautiful pictures from Brasil. For those not familiar with getmethehelloutofhere syndrome, it can be best described as a mental health disorder that begins to manifest itself shortly after the holiday season and grows into a full-blown epidemic in New England by early March. Those who suffer from the syndrome will tell you it is part depression, part cabin fever, mixed with an intolerable level of frustration from being cold 24/7. Personally, I blame this epidemic for single handedly causing so many surly faces and making the rest of the country think Bostonians aren't friendly; we are really misunderstood because the medical community refuses to diagnose this horrible condition.

Anyway, kudos to for doing their part to try and help Bostonians think of something other than depressingly low temperatures.

Rio de Janeiro is truly a blessed city with dramatic landscape and actual jungles that creep through a city that rivals New York City in size (actually it is larger than NYC). One of Rio's most famous attractions Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) also is featured with a series of pictures that showcase the view of many of Rio's beautiful beaches. The image at the top of this entry is of Sergio and me atop Sugar Loaf when we last visited the city in November of 2006. Iguazu Falls on the Brasil / Argentina border has to be one of the largest waterfalls in the world and is an excellent place to visit for a weekend. Niagara Falls is 1/5th the size of Iguazu which boasts a 500' wide mouth and 2,300' drop to create the largest waterfall I've ever seen. When Eleanor Roosevelt visited the site it is noted that she exclaimed, "Poor Niagara!" I would have to agree.

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