Tuesday, February 19, 2008

George Bush Hates Seasame Street

After listening to George Bush speak (or rather try to speak)for nearly 8 years, it is obvious that the man never watched Sesame Street. Phonics and other linguistic basics taught to generations of Americans through educational programs like Sesame Street on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) were either never a priority in the Bush family or were perceived to be only for snobbish Liberals.

President Bush's disdain for Public Broadcasting and any kind of funding for the arts was reaffirmed when he submitted his 2009 budget which drastically cut funding for the seventh year in a row. The Boston Phoenix wrote a scathing review of President Bush and the right wing's hostility to the arts after he submitted his budget which called for "zeroing out" public broadcasting. The irony is that many of these PBS / NEA Haters are supremely patriotic and one would think they would want to recognize our cultural contributions alongside our civil accomplishments. Considering the billions of dollars earmarked for the military the sum of money requested to invest in PBS and NEA to promote educational programming for our youth and fund cultural programs makes his budget cuts seem unpatriotic and mean-spirited.

Click here to contact your senators and representatives and urge them to reject President Bush’s proposed art cuts. They are malicious and need to be stopped.

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