Saturday, February 16, 2008

An evening at the ballet

To celebrate Valentine's Day which occurred earlier this week, I attended the performance of Boston Ballet's Romeo and Juliet on Friday night. I thoroughly enjoyed dressing for the ballet, sipping champagne in the beautiful foyer of the Wang / Citi Center before the performance and taking my seat to see what turned out to be one of my favorite visits to the ballet.

This was my first visit to the Boston Ballet in about two years, and I think it was my favorite performance to date. I freely admit that I lack the eye and training that some of my more 'cultchad' friends have, but this was not my first ballet, and I can recognize good choreography, costume / set design and execution when I see it.

This was probably my favorite portrayal of William Shakespeare's story. I would have never guessed that I would prefer a ballet's interpretation over a play but the orchestra and elegance of the dancers really made it more romantic and ultimately tragic.

I had two favorite dances - the first occurring in the opening scene of the second act when a troupe of court jesters danced in the middle of town and the second occurring in the third scene of the same number act when nearly a dozen ballerina's danced before Juliet in her bedroom after she had drank the friar's potion to fool her family and avoid marrying Paris.

I lack the eloquence of the Boston Globe review which described the production as, "the whole package - elegant dancing, eye-popping pageantry, and vivid storytelling." However, I could not agree more. I'm excited to return to see another ballet - it is really such a wonderfully special way to spend an evening.

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