Sunday, February 24, 2008

Night out with friends

This Saturday a group of us went to dinner at Masa in the South End. Two very good friends and their wives came down from NH to have a night out on the town. It was so great to catch up with all of them because we really do not see each other with the regularity we would like due to distance, schedules and the fact that we just don't pick up the phone as often as we should.

It was so great to see everyone. The food as is generally the case at Masa was good enough. I had not been to the restaurant in a few years mostly due to similar past experiences but when one of my friends inquired about the place - I thought it worth giving another try. I think everyone enjoyed their meals, but next time I'll speak up and make an alternate suggestion.

After dinner I suggested we grab a drink around the corner at 28 degrees, but due to recent issues regarding overcrowding they were only allowing people in if they had dinner reservations. Too bad, because I think they would have loved it. After some shuffling around we ended up at the lounge in Club Cafe. I found the situation very funny - two of my straight buddies from NH and their wives ended up in the city's largest gay bar, but the seats were comfortable, the liquor free flowing and the location was right.

All told, I had a fantastic night out with them, and I hope we can do it again.

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