Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One night in San Francisco

I have to say that I had a great day in San Francisco and despite being a few years since my last visit, this city still feels like a second home. Despite being a 'business trip', I did spend part of the afternoon and the evening with my friend, Jeff, who lives in SF.  I snapped the photo of Coit Tower (to the left) while on his roofdeck before we stepped out for a long walk.

Later, we had a nice dinner down the street from his house before heading out for a few drinks in the Castro (ToddX I have to say I kept my eye out to see if by coincidence I might see you strolling by on Market with an iced-tea in hand).  We walked around the "hood" for a bit continuing to talk as we always do about everything and nothing all at the same time before going to Trigger on Market.  They were having some sort of event so we walked around for a bit before ending up at Badlands (Steve - I thought of you upon entering since you commented in an earlier post about heading there.)  Here are a couple of photos from the evening in The Castro - sorry there aren't more but it t'was a work night and I left early.

The iconic Castro Theater:
Two friendly Brazilians at Badlands:


Anonymous said...

好的開始,就是成功的一半。 ............................................................

corve said...

Congrats to the Brazilian team...great city you visited.

SteveA said...

When I was in SFO last November, I was at a friend's apartment and he also has a great view of Coit Tower. Off course - Castro - awesome.

I got quite lucky at Badlands (if you know what I mean). But overall Club Cafe is till my fave (in Boston)!

Your pics look great!

See a post I did with pics on my visit to SFO