Saturday, June 12, 2010

One night in heaven - M People

This band = Pride for me. Perhaps it was the fact that I had never heard of the band until I went to gay bars. What song or band says "Pride" to you?

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SteveA said...

For me it's a toss between Bronski Beat and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Both bands came out (not as out of the closet, but they literally broke all the "gay" rules) in 1984 and both had major gay themed videos.

Bronski Beat in 1984 had "Age of Consent" - an album whose title denotes the "age of consent" of homosexuality in countries.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood had "Relax". I was naive when we got this album back in 198 - the inside covers were of pics of gay men in leather, in drag and touching each other,

So back to your theme - sorry - my faves are "Small Town Boy" and "Relax: by Bronski Beat FGTH.