Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boston - Pride Weekend

My weekend started with a pleasant conversation over a delicious dinner at Aquitaine with TFP. Leaving the restaurant, I thought I might call it a night, but I happened to receive a text from friends I don't see regularly saying that they would be going to Club Cafe so I decided to go and meet them.

The night turned out to be more fun than I would have initially expected. By total chance I met two handsome guys.  Eden (can't swear by the spelling) is from Turkey - Istanbul to be specific - and Fabiano is from Brazil.  Before I realized it, the friends who had introduced us had left and I was chatting with Eden and Fabiano (and their friends). 

I had a great evening and although I never got their numbers or e-mail addresses, I hope to see these guys out in the city.  Boston is either a small city or big town; depending on how you think of it so it is not exactly unrealistic to expect / hope to see these guys again.  Its Friday night / Saturday morning - depending on how you look at it and Pride weekend in Boston is off to a great start.

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