Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puerto Rico in December

My cousin's wedding invitation arrived in a small box outside my door last night.  Inside was the details of their destination wedding that will take place the first week of December in Puerto Rico.  To make sure we could get a good fare, this afternoon, I hopped on the Jet Blue website and booked our tickets.  We decided we would extend our stay by a few days and turn this into a mini-holiday / vacation.

I went to P.R. for the first time back in January / February 2009 and had a wonderful time staying at La Concha hotel in the Condado neighborhood.  I wrote about the trip in my blog entry, 4 Days in Puerto Rico. This trip will have us travelling a bit outside the city of San Juan to stay at the El Conquistador Resort.  Have you been to P.R. before? Where did you stay and what did you do?