Monday, May 17, 2010

My first concert: The GoGo's

Today at the gym I suffered a major flashback when I heard the early 80s girl-band, the Go Go's playing.  This "New Wave" band from L.A. has a soft spot in my heart because they were the first legitimate concert I attended.

When I was in 8th grade I went to see the Go Go's perform at "Concerts on the Common" in Boston with my two friends Tom and Brian (incidentally, I'm still friends with these guys). I could not find any videos from shows in Boston, but the one below is how I remember them back when I saw them in 1983.

Who did you see at your first concert and where was it?


Anonymous said...

OMG--love the GoGo's! Theirs was one of the first albums (yes, "album!") I bought. My concert, however, was Prince on his Purple Rain tour! He was actually kind of dull, but Sheila E ("Glamorous Life!") was the opening act and she kicked ass!

And I totally had to keep the concert secret because I would've been kicked out of my Christian high school. Fortunately, my parents didn't care, and my older sister took me. Ah, good times....

Mike said...

Almost too embarrassing to admit it, but it was Air Supply at an outdoor concert site in Canandaigua, NY. The thing i remember most? Being hit in the back of the head with a chicken wing bone that was tossed by some "hooligan" up in the "cheap seats". Serves me right for knowing all the words to "Lost in Love".

SteveA said...

My first concert was a rock band called "Helix"...a Canadian metal band back in the 80's....believe it or not my second concert was Air Supply - isn't that odd? I saw Mike's comment above that that was his first.

And to make matters worse, I then saw them live again a few years later - so that's twice for me on Air Supply - yikes!