Friday, May 28, 2010

Rocca's new menu disappoints

Rocca Boston is a neighborhood favorite, Italian restaurant that opened in the SoWa district of the South End several years ago.  Recently, a few weeks ago actually, Rocca which recently changed chefs also changed their menu; perennial favorites and signature dishes from the previous chef are now gone.

This evening I returned for the first time since the menu change, and I can not adequately express my disappointment.  Most of the options on the new menu were either unappealing or not what I would want to eat at an Italian restaurant (i.e. Pollo Brasato: apple and warm watermelon turnip puree w/ charred cauliflower).  However, of greater concern was the fact that nothing was appealing enough that I would want to try it again.  Everything from the rustic bread which they brought to the table (which is impossibly hard to break apart by the way) to the starters we ordered and shared to our individual main course meals left me wanting more - much more.

Hopefully the new chef, Tiffani Faison, will find her stride and seriously reconsider the menu she's pulled together.  I wish Rocca much success - its a well run, beautiful restaurant with a great lounge and patio, but for me Rocca's new menu disappoints.


Anonymous said...

The menu is terrible.

Anonymous said...

i went there last night with friends. the drinks from the bar were terrific, but the food was awful. when i complained about my pork mush thing, the bartender graciously sent us a dessert, which also was not edible. it is a shame, the place is nice but what good is that if you cannot eat the food.

BosGuy said...

First, thanks for the comments.

I do enjoy the lounge and bar at Rocca. I don't think any other restaurant in the n'hood has quite the same combination of comfort, style and space that they do which makes them still a great place to grab an after work drink, but as I said in my entry - I will go elsewhere for food.